HIGH-TRO-REEL (Non-Tension Type)

Ideal for auto conveyors and monorails.
Multi-lead system permits setup even in confined spaces. Perfect for curved lines and traversers. Sections can be divided into different voltages as needed. Four types available: 3P, 4P, 5P and 6P at 60A.

HIGH-TRO-REEL (Non-Tension Type)

60A High-Tro-Reel unit (for indoor use only)

●Rating 3P, 4P, 5P, 6P at 600V, 60A ●Conductor materials Copper (8㎟) + Copper (20㎟) ●Insulating sheath material Rigid PVC (heat resistance: 75℃) Orange (hazard color), Munsell 2.5YR 6/13
●Both ends of the unit have terminals.
Note: Not for use in high humidity/temperature conditions.

Cat. No. Rating Standard length Weight(kg) Units per box Units per carton
DH5603 3P600V60A 3m 3.13 5
DH5604 4P600V60A 3m 4.18 5
DH5605 5P600V60A 3m 5.22 5
DH5606 6P600V60A 3m 6.27 5

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Center feed-in joiner

Used to supply power. Also used to connect the High-Tro-Reel units.
Note: Cannot be used as an end feed.


The High-Tro-Reel units are connected at intervals of 3m. Joiners allow for expansion and contraction of the units due to temperature fluctuations.

Line separator

Used to separate circuits by creating an insulated section partway along the line.


Used to mount the High-Tro-Reel units on the side of a rail. Can also be used with tension type units. Standard support interval is 400mm.

Guide cap

Used to guide the collector arms from one straight section to another via turntables and traversers. Can be used as an end cap.

Collector arms

Attached to the moving equipment and used to supply power from the High-Tro-Reel units to the equipment. Mount rod and mount plate types are available to fit mounting hardware.

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Replacement Parts


Note: UL standards do not apply.
Note:This collector is a replacement part for using collector arms which are of an earlier type than the collector arms listed on page 25 of this catalog.

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Catalog (PDF)