The insulated trolley can be installed in a limited space compared with bare trolley.
This is a highly safe power supply system which can reduce the risk of electric shock.
This product has been used in various places such as factories, automatic warehouses, and amusement machines.

For Production Line

This is the case of use for hoist cranes and transport systems.
The insulated trolley can be installed in a limited space, and it is available for curved lines and traversers.
It is installed in factory production lines, automated warehouses, material handling, intra-logistics, and clean rooms for supporting the efficiency of the manufacturing and logistics industries.

For Overhead Crane

The insulated trolley can be used as a power supply for traveling and traversing of overhead hoists and crab-type cranes in factories and warehouses.
It can be installed vertically or horizontally, and quick installation is possible.

For Curved Lines

Tro-Reel, Trolley-Wire, and Trolley Ducts can be used for curved lines (such as S-shaped, endless type) according to the layout of the factory.