The insulated trolley can be installed in a limited space compared with bare trolley.
This is a highly safe power supply system which can reduce the risk of electric shock.
This product has been used in various places such as factories, automatic warehouses, and amusement machines.



Ideal for high-speed monorails.
The V-shaped conductors provide a large contact surface area, ensuring consistent power supply even at high speeds and preventing problems such as separation from wires. Even though an 8P installation measures only 124mm in height, it can still handle a large number of control wires. Rating is 600V, 90A.

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Jointless installation of up to 100m.
Tro-Reel is a single-lead insulated trolley, so it’s easy to set up. Since it’s possible to set up as much as a 100m Tro-Reel without any joints, it’s easier to install a wide range of special power source routes. Various types available: 60A, 150A, 200A, 300A and 150A stainless steel units for places where corrosion resistance is necessary.

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HIGH-TRO-REEL (Non-Tension Type)

Ideal for auto conveyors and monorails.
Multi-lead system permits setup even in confined spaces. Perfect for curved lines and traversers. Sections can be divided into different voltages as needed. Four types available: 3P, 4P, 5P and 6P at 60A.

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HIGH-TRO-REEL (Tension Type)

Ideal for supplying power to confined spaces in hoists and cranes.
Thanks to its multi-lead system, it’s possible to minimize both time and space in installation. A High-Tro-Reel can be set up joint-free for up to 50m. Various types available: 3P, 4P and 5P at 60A and 90A, and 3P and 4P at 150A and 200A.

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Ideal for the system which needs high power loads.
Trolley-Wire is a single-lead insulated trolley, so which can be easily installed by only joining 3m trolley wire to set up. Three types available: 90A, 300A, and 500A.

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