Insulated Trolley System

The insulated trolley can be installed in a limited space compared with bare trolley. This is a highly safe power supply system which can reduce the risk of electric shock. This product has been used in various places such as factories, automatic warehouses, and amusement machines.

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Trolley Ducts

The Trolley Duct is a mobile power supply system consisting of bare conductors housed in a durable metal duct, thus protecting the operator from electric shock. With various duct types at different ratings, circuit separating and point-use trolleys as well as an extensive range of accessories available, the Trolley Duct system contributes to boosting flexibility of conveyor, aging, inspection and other manufacturing lines.

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Replacement Parts

For the replacement parts of Tro-Reel and Trolley Ducts, such as collector arms and shoes, we stock these parts. Please contact us when you need them for your maintenance.

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Lightning Equipment

We supply various kinds of lightning equipment for the industrial and commercial use.


Single-Pole Insulated Conductor Rail Program 0815

Single-pole conductor rail for curving applications and ring arrangements with limited installation space
32 - 100 A
• Electrified monorail systems
• Packaging machines
• Small parts warehouses

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Insulated Conductor Rail SinglePowerLine Program 0812

Single-pole conductor rail for preferably straight rail runs
25 - 400 A
• Crane systems
• Transport systems

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Multipole Conductor Rail MultiLine Program 0831

Multi-pole, compact conductor rail for straight rail runs indoors
10 - 125 A
• High storage systems
• Transfer cars
• 3-4-5 poles

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Conductor Rail System for Shuttles MultiLine Program 0835

Designed specifically for use in intralogistics; e.g. shuttle systems or transfer units.

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ProShell Support Profile for AS/RS and Transfer Cars

The ProShell Support Profile has been designed as a substructure for Conductor Rail Systems SinglePowerLine 0812 and MultiLine 0831 – to supply automated storage and retrieval systems, transfer cars, and similar applications with electrical power.

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